After your tour of the gallery, what would you like to do as an individual or with your group?

Here are a few possibilities, but you are in command. You might consider doing one of the following three possibilities or invent your own project or action and discuss it with the mentors of this QuickMOOC.

1. Do nothing.

You might do nothing, considering that the tour of the gallery was sufficient to answer your own questions.  In this case, we would encourage you to go to the Big Think room before you leave.  Remember, you can stay in this QuickMOOC as long as you like. Other resources will be added by the mentors and by those participating over time.

2. Get a Certificate of participation.

If you get professional development hours credit in your job, you might apply to the mentors of this QuickMOOC for a certificate. To get a certificate, write a one-two page reflection about your journey through the QuickMOOC and describe what you have done about that experience.  This could include contributions you made in the discussions,  contribution of articles or other resources, plans you have made for your own learning commons, a project you have designed, what your group has done together and the number of hours you have spent in doing this. The mentor will return a certificate of completion to you. Please include a summary of your visit to the Big Think room.

3. Get a Badge.

If you would like an official badge for your resume or some other requirement, the requirements and the process for doing so is outlined here, on the Badges page.


Projects you might do:


  • Read one or more recommended books or articles or choose one of your own (with approval from a MOOC Mentor)
  • Visit a community or library makerspace.
  • Participate in one or more Maker workshops.
  • Attend one or several maker faires as an individual or group. Connect, connect, connect. Add ideas to this QuickMOOC; Implement at least one idea at your own makerspace.
  • Sponsor a maker faire at your school or public library. This is often a way of connecting with people in your community who will help you establish and fund a makerspace in your school or library.
  • Create a space in your library and get started. You need not spend a lot of money but whatever you start with, select something that will draw a crowd.
  • idea here

  • idea here


BigThink        You are not finished yet!

          Head on over to THE BIG THINK!

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