Big Think / Graduation

The Big Think


So, we come to  the conclusion of this learning experience, although you can stay in this community as long as you wish.  Let’s reflect back a bit. Did you answer your questions? How could this quick tour become better? Any reflection on learning might include these main questions:
  • What do I know now?
  • What have we learned together?
  • How did I use this participatory learning experience?
  • How did the group of learners use this QuickMOOC?
  • So what?
  • What’s next?
  • How could this QuickMOOC experience be improved?

Your answers might be personal or could be entered directly in the Comments section below.

Finally, you can go to the Badge room where you can earn a badge for your participation and/or you can check this site out regularly to stay involved as long as you’d like to participate.

How to earn a certificate of participation:

  • Write a one-page reflection of what you learned
  • Include the number of hours you spent working on the QuickMOOC.
  • What plans do you have  with your new understanding?
  • How could this experience been improved?

Send your reflection to David V. Loertscher at and he will create a certificate for you.

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