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Umbrella Question

How can we create a makerspace for a school or public library?


  • Scott McLeod and making in “Extracurricular Empowerment” at TEDxDesMoines:

  • The WHY of making and makers is explained in this 18 min. TED Talk at:


After looking at these, what questions come to your mind that you might pursue in the few hours you spend with us here in this QuickMOOC? Jot down your questions and add others as you go on into the gallery. Remember that in a QuickMOOC, you are in charge of what you learn and what you contribute to the good of the community and ohers who are trying to learn about Makerspaces


Who are you working with?  Collaborators at hand or extension beyond the organization.  Get a committee together.


  • Preddy, Leslie B. School Library Makerspaces: Grades 6-12. Libraries Unlimited, 2013.

  • Martinez, Sylvia L., & Stager, Gary. Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom. Constructing Modern Knowledge, 2013.

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  • Anderson, Chris. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. Crown Business, 2012.


  • Lang, David. Zero to Maker: Learn (Just Enough) to Make (Just About) Anything. Maker Media Inc., 2013.


  • Talking Points: Museums, Libraries, and Makerspaces. Institute of Museum and Library Services:

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  • Unbored is the guide and activity book every modern kid needs. Vibrantly designed, lavishly illustrated, brilliantly walking the line between cool and constructive, it’s crammed with activities that are not only fun and doable but also designed to get kids engaged with the wider world.

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