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If you are looking for credentials or bragging rights for your blog, we are offering badges for the completion of this QuickMOOC.  Badges, through organizations like Mozilla’s OpenBadges and Credly, are becoming a universal way of recognizing a person’s accomplishments and expertise.  By earning badges and displaying them on your blog or posting on Twitter, you will be able to publicize your expertise and also recognize the expertise of others.

If you wish to earn the badges associated with the Physical Learning Commons QuickMOOC, follow the directions below.  Complete two of the three process badges and a summative Big Think reflection and you earn the graduation badge in addition to the process badges leading up to the graduation assignment.

Process Badges

PLC – Writer

PLC - Write BadgeNow that you have had a chance to do some reading and peruse the galleries, it is time to put your ideas into a cohesive piece of writing.  Often, the act of writing down your ideas will help you to clarify them in your own head.  Navigate to the blog and write about some aspect of the physical learning commons or it’s development process that resonates with you.  This should be a significant piece of writing, without being a book.  It should address an aspect of the physical learning commons in a meaningful way that makes a statement of your beliefs but potentially leaves the discussion open for further exploration.  With luck, you’ll engage others and start a conversation that furthers your own understanding of the ideas you present.  When you feel that you’ve accomplished this task, email us and we’ll give you your badge!  It’s that simple!


PLC – Talker

PLC - Talker BadgeNow that you have had a chance to do some reading and peruse the galleries, it is time to bounce your ideas off of others.  Head back to the galleries and comment or head over to the blog to find out what others think.  Comment on at least 5 different galleries or blog posts and get a conversation going in at least one.  When you feel that you’ve accomplished this task, email us and we’ll give you your badge!  It’s that simple!




PLC – Builder

PLC - Build BadgeNow that you’ve read articles, watched videos, talked things over with others and written statements about what you think is important in the world of the physical learning commons, it is time to turn your attention to making plans for your school’s learning commons.  Draw diagrams of how it will look.  Write a step-by-step process of how you will bring your community together around the project.  Build a collage of images that demonstrate how it will be furnished.  Write a budget.  Put together a network map.  Do whatever you need to do to put together your plans for your future learning commons and upload the work to the blog.  In the blog, you will get feedback from those who are sharing your journey or may have been down this path already so that you may refine your thinking further before spending your first dollar.  Please remember that when you feel that you’ve accomplished this task, email us and we’ll give you your badge!



PLC - Complete BadgeIn many communities, graduation is about moving on.  Not at QuickMOOC!  Graduation simply means that you’ve gained a certain level of expertise and may have more to offer others on the same journey as you.  We encourage you to stick around, continue to contribute to the blog and discussions in the PLC QuickMOOC.  But before you are officially done, you need to earn your final badge.

To earn the completion badge, you need to have first earned at least two of the three previous badges.  That is, you have earned two of the PLC – Talk, PLC – Write, and PLC – Build badges.  You also need to engage in a Big Think.  Write a more formal reflection on the physical learning commons.  How would you summarize what a learning commons is and how it fits into your current or future school?  What aspect of the concept appeals most to you?  Where do you see the challenges ahead?  Also reflect on the QuickMOOC course itself.  How was this method of learning beneficial to you?  What were the most effective aspects of the QuickMOOC?  What might you improve about the concept?  Would you recommend this PLC QuickMOOC to others?  Why or why not? When you are done, send this reflection in an email (either as the body of the email or as an attachment) to to gain your final badge and graduation.

Please, visit frequently, contribute ideas and continue to develop your ideas of what is possible in your learning commons.  No learning commons is ever a finished product.  Like each learner, it is continually growing and evolving to suit changing needs and a changing world.

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